In the fossil record, it is sometimes possible to come across remains of living things bearing features belonging to another species. Darwinists, interpreting these findings in a prejudiced manner, claim that these fossils confirm their theories. But that is a grave error, because one living thing having features similar to another"s is not characteristic of any "intermediate form." The platypus, for example, lives in Australia, and despite being a mammal, lays eggs like reptiles. In addition, it has a beak resembling that of birds. Scientists describe the platypus as a "mosaic form." Even leading evolutionists admit that these cannot be regarded as intermediate forms. Instead of engaging in distorted interpretations regarding mosaic forms, Darwinists need to produce concrete evidence to prove that species descended from one another by way of minuscule changes. But this they can never do, because no such process ever took place.
AGE:95 million years
LOCATION:Haqel, Lebanon
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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