Darwinists make a great many baseless claims about the origin of life, and there are hundreds of questions they need to answer. Heading the list of these questions is this: - Are there any intermediate forms that can be proposed as evidence for the theory of evolution? The obvious answer to this question?to which Darwinists constantly avoid responding, in order to avoid having to face the facts, is No! Not one single intermediate form fossil has ever been found in excavations conducted over the last 150 years. The fossil record is filled with examples of animals and plants that have survived with all their structures, never undergoing the least alteration, for hundreds of millions of years. One such specimen is the 125-million-year-old cricket pictured here. When confronted by these specimens, Darwinists are condemned to silence.
AGE:125 million years
LOCATION:Santana Formation, Brasil
1st detail
2nd detail
2012-07-18 13:59:30

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