If, as claimed, all living things evolved, then signs of this should be visible in the fossil record. Fossil discoveries should reveal the traces of entities in a constant state of progression, with incompletely developed systems and organs, slowly turning from one species into another. For example, there should be many peculiar fossils of half-crickets and half-flies, or half flies and half-butterflies, or whose wings had only partly formed, with a single eye on their abdomens, with feet protruding from their heads or whose antennae had not appeared. Yet the fossil record provides no examples of any such strange, rudimentary creatures. On the contrary, countless fossils show that living things emerged with all their limbs and systems complete, and that they never changed so long as their species continued to exist. D. S. Woodroff from California University says this on the subject: "But fossil species remain unchanged throughout most of their history and the record fails to contain a single example of a significant transition." (D. S. Woodroff, Science, vol. 208, 1980, p. 716)
AGE:125 million years
LOCATION:Santana Formation, Brasil
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