Darwinists believe in the myth that imaginary mechanisms constantly transform living things into new species. The findings that most strongly demolish the evolutionist dream of living things being in a state of change come from the fossil record. As the 125-million-year-old wasp fossil pictured here shows, living things do not change. In other words, they do not evolve. The paleontologist David Raup expresses how the geologic record contradicts Darwinism in these words: "He [Darwin] was embarrassed by the fossil record because it didn"t look the way he predicted it would and, as a result, he devoted a long section of his Origin of Species to an attempt to explain and rationalize the differences. There were several problems, but the principle one was that the geologic record did not then and still does not yield a finely graduated chain of slow and progressive evolution." (David M. Raup, "Conflicts between Darwin and Paleontology," Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, Chicago, Vol. 50, January 1979, pp. 22-23)
AGE:125 million years
LOCATION:Santana Formation, Brasil
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