There are some 1,000,000 known insect species living on Earth, and some 15,000 fossil species. Every year, several thousand more species of insect are discovered. Each of them has entirely different systems, metabolisms and habitats. Evolutionists maintain that all these species gradually developed from one another by way of very small changes. However, they cannot pinpoint the fist supposed ancestor of insects, nor any imaginary family relationship between species. They desperately look for fossils that could indicate these. Yet every new fossil acquired reveals that this insect species came into being out of nothing, with all its particular characteristics. In other words, it was created, and that has remained unchanged for tens or even hundreds of millions of years?meaning that it never underwent evolution. One of the proofs of this state of affairs is the 125-million-year-old fossilized planthopper pictured here. Identical in every way to planthoppers alive today, this fossil refutes evolution.
AGE:125 million years
LOCATION:Santana Formation, Brasil
1st detail
2nd detail
2012-07-18 13:59:30

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