One of the most familiar forms of Darwinist propaganda are groundless slogans along the lines of “Rejection of the theory of evolution is a dogma,” or “Denying the theory of evolution is unscientific.” In fact, however, such statements are preconceptions based on evolutionists’ biased conception of science. “Science,” according to the Darwinist definition, is not a discipline that researches, investigates and analyses its findings in a neutral manner and then accepts the results of those findings. According to Darwinists, scientific inquiries must first confirm their own beliefs and ideas and in the process, which findings must be interpreted by distorting them in line with evolutionist dogma. To put it another way, evolutionists portray their biased interpretations, rather than the evidence itself, as science. Darwinist science is an attempt not to uncover the facts, but to interpret them selectively and distort them.
AGE:54-37 million years
LOCATION:Cache Creek Formation, British Columbia, Canada
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