Evolutionists claim that Darwin’s theory answered the question of how life and living species emerged. Indeed, that’s the reason behind for materialists’ and atheists’ blind devotion to the theory of evolution: They imagine that it gives them an alternative answer to Creation. But this is a grave error. Darwin’s claims have never been verified by any scientific data, neither in his own day or afterwards. On the contrary, science has proved that Darwin’s scenario is impossible. In short, there is no other scientific and rational answer to the question of the origin of life than Creation. The evolutionist paleontologist George Simpson admits how Darwin’s theory fails to answer any questions: Darwin was always utterly helpless to answer any valid objections to his theory. (Gordon Rattray Taylor, The Great Evolution Mystery, p. 140)
AGE:3 million years
LOCATION:Lahontan Beds, Nevada, USA
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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