In his book Missing Links, Robert A. Martin says: If the creationist model is correct, there can be no ancestor-descendant relationships, no evolutionary progression of any kind. If the evolution model is correct and with a dense enough fossil record, intermediates at all structural and chronological scales should be found. (Robert A. Martin, Missing Links: Evolutionary Concepts and Transitions Through Time, Jones and Barlett Publishers, UK, 2004, p. 8) Without exception, all fossil specimens, of which this book describes only a few show that there is no line of descent between life forms, and that every species emerged suddenly with its own particular characteristics. Excavations have failed to turn up even one semi-developed life form or intermediate form fossil. Given this evidence, it is clear that evolution is invalid, and Creation is an undeniable fact.
AGE:110 million years
LOCATION:Ceara, Brazil
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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