At the present stage of geological research, we have to admit that there is nothing in the geological records that runs contrary to the view of conservative creationists, that God created each species separately. . . . (Edmund J. Ambrose, The Nature and Origin of the Biological World, John Wiley & Sons, 1982, p. 164.) The biologist Edmund J. Ambrose is one evolutionist who admits the realities demonstrated by science. The fossil record, having demolished evolution, is producing more evidence of the fact of Creation every day. This 81-million-year-old skull shows that grizzly bears had exactly the same appearance then as they do now. Any objective evaluation of the scientific proof shows that the same applies to so-called human evolution. Since there has been no change in any living species, we can be quite sure that human beings have never changed, either. Every living thing has been created, together with all its particular characteristics. The claim that primitive animals or primitive humans used to live in the past is not supported by any evidence.
AGE:81 million years
LOCATION:Gan Su, China
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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