The emergence of the detailed remains of a creature that is millions of years old is a true miracle. Had Allah so willed, its bones as well as its soft tissues could have disintegrated under the ground, with no trace at all remaining. In that case, Darwinists would have had some basis for their speculations, and could have used the non-existent fossil record to advance their scenarios, even though the theory would not have explained the fields of biology, microbiology and genetics. However, the facts are actually very different. The perfectly preserved skeletal remains of living things are constantly being unearthed. All their details can be analyzed, comparisons made with life forms existing today and—thanks to the countless details obtained—these species’ similarity to present-day counterparts can be determined. That is why Darwinism has collapsed in the paleontological arena, as well as in all other branches of science. One of these perfect remains is this 33-million-year hyena skull, identical to the skulls of hyenas alive today.
AGE:33 million years
LOCATION:He Zheng, Shan Dong, China
1st detail
2nd detail
2012-07-18 13:59:30

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