Darwinists were their able to gather their original supporters by using a very primitive logic. In a climate of scientific ignorance, it was easy to convince the public that proteins and eventually, cells could form spontaneously from muddy water that mammals hunting in water eventually developed fins and turned into dolphins and that monkeys decided to stop leaping from tree to tree and instead to walk upright, and thus evolved into human beings. The sciences of genetics and paleontology were unknown, so all these imaginary transitions were depicted as incontrovertible fact. But now Darwinists are in a far more difficult position. The science of genetics has revealed the complex structure of the cell and how traits are passed on from generation to generation. Paleontology has shown that living things have never changed. Countless specimens, such as the 58-million-year-old wild boar skull shown here indicate that living things exhibited the same complexity millions of years ago as present-day specimens. It is no longer possible for Darwinists to deceive the public.
AGE:58 million years
LOCATION:Shan Dong, China
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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