Darwinists have studied nature and attempted to discover how such diversity came into being. They adopted the primitive methods proposed by Darwin himself and decided that living things must have had a supposed common ancestor. The more they studied the fossil record, however, the more they encountered the counterparts of today’s living things rather than any signs of any fictitious ancestor. Any rational and logical person who examines at the scientific evidence objectively can easily see that evolution does not constitute the origin of life. But reason, logic, common sense and science were all stifled under the spell of Darwinism. But for those people who have managed to free themselves from Darwinism’s spell, the 82-million-year lion skull pictured is by itself sufficient evidence of the invalidity of Darwinism. If this life form has remained unchanged for 82 million years—and if all the fossils of all other currently living things confirm the same—then that means that evolution never happened.
AGE:82 million years
LOCATION:He Zheng, Gan Su, China
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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