Darwinists, who maintain that living species are descended from another and develop by constant small changes, are at a loss to explain the stasis, or total stability, observed within those same species. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, must explain why no other life forms underwent the imaginary transition similar to the one from ape to human. Evolutionists have no rational and logical answer to give. Birds never changed. Rhinoceroses, foxes and hyenas never changed; and neither did the 98-million-year turtle shown here. Neither did human beings. The idea that Darwinists seek to impose on the public—that living things make progress by small changes and eventually develop into other life forms entirely—is a massive lie.
AGE:98 million years
LOCATION:Shan li Mountain, Shan Xi, China
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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