Darwinists maintain that when mud was transformed as the work of chance by such natural phenomena as lightning over a long period, the result was possible for roses, carnations, birds, insects and humans who build cities, investigate the subparticles of the atom, compose symphonies and voyage into outer space. Even a primary-school student would regard this ludicrous, and illogical idea as deficient in logic, but for purely ideological reasons, evolutionists maintain it in all seriousness. In a paper published in Scientific American magazine, the evolutionist George Wald described at length how chance could do anything if given sufficient time. As he went on to say: “Given so much time, the "impossible" becomes possible, the possible probable, and the probable virtually certain. One has only to wait: time itself performs the miracles.” (George Wald, "The origin of life". Scientific American, vol. 191 (2), August 1954, p.48)) Wald’s words are most striking examples of evolutionist illogicality. The fact is that even after the passage of 2 billion or 100 billion years, stones and dirt will never be able to develop into human beings that feel, think, make judgments, rejoice, produce works of art, research, love and are loved by others. Life is the work of our Sublime and Mighty Lord, not of blind chance.
AGE:50 million years
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