Darwinists' insoluble dilemma

When their Messengers brought them the Clear Signs, they exulted in the knowledge they had and then were engulfed by the very things they mocked. (Surah Ghafir, 83)

Darwinists have for years been trying to impose on the world a false theory they have constructed on the basis of lies. The methods they employ consist of deceptions produced under the name of science but that in fact have absolutely nothing to do with it. As revealed in the above verse, evolutionists imagined that this false theory had power and “exulted,” but then they were “engulfed” by the works demonstrating signs leading to faith in the earth and sky and that proved the Existence and sublime creation of Almighty Allah (God). With the global spread of the Atlas of Creation in particular, Darwinists have literally been bound hand and foot. The fossils dating back millions of years depicted in the Atlas of Creation proved to the whole world that living things never evolved but were flawlessly created by Allah. This embodied the words revealed in the Qur’an – that they “were engulfed by the very things they mocked.”

2008-12-23 17:21:29

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