Believers are joyful and at peace under all circumstances

Believers have a unique attribute not found in anyone else; for them, all things are for the best. They give thanks if they come across a blessing, and that is auspicious for them. And if they encounter a difficulty they are patient, and that is also auspicious for them. (Muslim, Zuhd, 64) 


Since believers live in the spirit of submission to Allah under all circumstances, every moment of their lives is filled with delight, as described in the hadith. Since they give thanks for the beauties bestowed on them by Allah, their joy is far more intense than that of ordinary people. Praising Allah for the blessing they possess and offering Him their love makes believers still more joyful. 

No difficulty created for them by Allah as a test leads to any reduction in their fervor. This may seem quite amazing to ordinary individuals, but believers still give thanks to Allah in such situations.  Believers regard times of sickness, harsh living conditions or poverty, which may look like troubles, as opportunities, and they again exhibit a joyous devotion to Allah. Believers’ fortitude under such circumstances is not a mere resignation to them. They actually experience the joy of knowing that Allah has created a circumstance requiring fortitude for them and rejoice over having encountered a blessing.

Since believers know that troubles and difficulties will hone their faith they regard them as blessings bestowed on them by Allah. Therefore, events that might appear to be difficulties when looked at superficially are actually blessings for believers able to reflect deeply on Allah.

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