The secret insincerity of those caught up in despair

Those who say they are despairing and refuse to make any positive effort put forth many claims to justify the logic of their situation. They want to prove, using satan's insidious methods, that there are reasons for their distrustful, pessimistic behavior, and they are aware that the excuses they offer are not sincere. Besides, they know that Allah will remove every anxiety and need from those who follow the solutions revealed in the Qur'an. Even though they do themselves great harm, they live their lives apart from the morality of the Qur'an. Why are they so determined in this? Allah explains in the Qur'an:

... However, their hearts were hard and satan made what they were doing seem attractive to them. (Surat al-An'am: 43)

Strangely, satan makes these people take pleasure in what they are doing. Indeed, in order to be able to follow the path that satan shows them, they oppress themselves, live in a pessimistic spiritual state and agree to living their whole lives in misery. In a sense, they are committing spiritual suicide. Because of their unseemly moral characters, instead of being good-natured and living a good life, they find it more attractive to destroy the love, respect and trust that their acquaintances have for them and to live alone in the world, with no close friends other than satan.

Clearly, they have fashioned this situation with their own hands, and it is the repayment that Allah has given them in this world for making friends with satan. Even if these people wanted to attain the Garden, it would not be possible; they prefer to live an unhappy life claiming that they have abandoned all hope of Allah's mercy and help. Allah has warned these people about the pain and anguish they will suffer:

It will not be eased for them. They will be crushed there by despair. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 75)

Those who reject Allah's Signs and the meeting with Him, such people can despair of My mercy, such people will have a painful punishment. (Surat al-'Ankabut: 23)

But these people who exceed the measure of what is good for them were to listen to their consciences while there is still time and abandon the way that satan has shown them, Allah is unstinting in His pardon and forgives all the sins of His servants.

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