The miracle Allah has created in his causative artistry

Almighty Allah, He Who is capable of creating an infinite variety and wealth, produces accompanying natural causes for everything He creates. In creating events and people, Allah also creates the most ideal natural causes within a perfect order accessible to human reason. Allah is Omniscient and Almighty. The way that events appear planned and dependant on natural causes is essentially a manifestation of Allah’s infinite might.

The way that Allah produces millions of very different and diverse natural causes within His flawless creative artistry is a great miracle. With His infinite mind, Allah could create everything without natural causes if He so chose, and would certainly do this in the most perfect manner. However, all the natural causes produced and shown to us by our Almighty Lord allow us to see the perfection in the details of His artistry, and His infinite mind and compassion for us in all those details. One element of the wisdom in Allah’s creation in the way He depicts everything as dependent on natural causes is the fact that human beings are entities constantly exposed to testing.  Human beings are also tested through the natural causes Allah creates and through the moral values they display in the face of the events created. By displaying the natural causes behind the events He creates with His omniscience, Allah shows us an amazing artistry requiring the deepest of reflection. By producing events in a chain of natural causes, Allah creates miracles of a kind that the human mind can accept in the environment of the test. If Allah were to do away with natural causes, then the environment of the test might also disappear, but by creating natural causes of a kind acceptable to the human mind in this perfect environment of testing, people are tested in terms of faith and whether or not they abide by the moral values of the Qur’an.

Our Almighty and All-Powerful Lord manifests the relationship between cause and effect in the most perfect way in the many events we encounter. For example, if we want to lay and eat off an attractive table as we are sitting in our chairs, and all the food we want is suddenly created in front of us, then this would very definitely baffle the human mind. However, Allah creates the table laid in the manner most appropriate to the human mind and through the most appropriate natural causes. Allah creates the people who lay that table, who cook the food and who think up all the details concerned.  In this way, Allah creates a great many miraculous events experienced in daily life by making them dependent upon natural causes as a requirement of the test. When we see the final state of the table prepared, we see that is has been created for us at that moment, without stopping to think of natural causes. The fact is, however, that Allah, Who produces that table by combining a number of natural causes together, shows us how perfectly He has created those causes. Or if we were suddenly created where we wanted to be when it was time to go to school, that would also baffle the human mind.  But again Allah creates the finest causes, those most accessible to the human mind, creating us where we want to be at the time we want to be there, as the result of natural causes.

It is Allah Who uses a car, ship or airplane, the original of which exists on the outside, to change the image forming in our brains. Allah brings exceptionally perfect images together, combines several separate events in a perfect manner and manifests His causal artistry in the finest manner. 

If Allah so wishes, he can make someone who is seriously ill even healthier than he was before, with no natural causes being required. But Allah uses hospitals, doctors or drugs as causes in order to cure people.  All these are causes under Allah’s control. For example, if a young person were to age in a few seconds before our very eyes, that person would be going beyond the bounds of human conception. But when Allah creates time and years as natural causes, then aging becomes something everyone regards as perfectly ordinary. Or if a tiny baby were to start talking and walking within just a few seconds, the human mind would be unable to conceive it. But when Allah gives rise to such things by making time a natural cause, things happen that everyone regards as normal. The household equipment we use every day, maybe without ever thinking about it, actually reaches us through a variety of natural causes. A whole chain of natural causes operates, from the worker in the factory where the equipment is manufactured to the lorry that delivers it to our homes.   Allah shows that every detail in everything we encounter, a table that has been laid, a car we use, the medicines we take, the television remote control we pick up and many more such glorious details all arise within natural causes.

The way that Allah produces natural causes for every event, every person and every condition and situation in a chain whose laws are accessible to the human mind is a great miracle… 

Almighty Allah, Who is powerful enough to create all things when He so chooses, reveals the might in His creation in these verses:

“Does He Who created the heavens and earth not have the power to create the same again? Yes indeed! He is the Creator, the All-Knowing.” (Surah Ya Sin, 81)

“His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.” (Surah Ya Sin, 82)
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