Muslim is never dull: He is live and enthusiastic night and day

The most important ideal of the unbelievers is ‘to be able to benefit from the life of this world to the best.’ When they are able to attain something even if just a bit, they make do with it and be happy. Then they get used to what they have attained and try to use these means, which they have acquired in their monotone and colorless life. But they never have an ideal high enough to bring meaning to their lives or to make them feel a never-ending energy, liveliness and enthusiasm.

The condition of Muslims sharply differs from that of the unbelievers. A believer experiences the high enthusiasm of having faith in Allah, witnessing the signs of faith in every moment of his life, the desire of living and having others live the morality of the Qur’an, racing for good deeds, putting up an intellectual struggle against unbelievers and hypocrites and the effort to avoid Hell and deserve the Garden.

They know that living the morality of the Qur’an and encouraging all people to live this morality throughout the world cannot be achieved with dullness or with a constant, monotone and slow style. They are aware that showing such a conduct disorder is a big negligence for a sincere believer. If a believer takes such a dullness and laziness for granted, he should think about this fact briefly: “If all Muslims in the world develop a slow, dull and introvert character by getting deeply occupied with their own matters, how can preaching of the morality of the Qur’an to people, struggling against and destroying the traps set by hypocrites and unbelievers against Muslims be realized? Who will take the responsibility for commanding the right and prohibiting the wrong? Who will lift Muslims’ spirit, train and educate them and encourage them for a better morality?” A believer, who really fears Allah, takes all of these responsibilities encumbered on him by Allah through the Qur’an and shows a live and enthusiast character for this to the upmost.

The lives of our Prophet (saas) and of his companions are full of examples of this morality. The companions of the Prophet (saas) had got up early and spent their lives in active struggle by thinking none of their lives or goods. They went on to battle with our Prophet (saas) when required and performed prayers when their weapons are next to them, as revealed in the verse. This liveliness and enthusiasm was dominant at every aspect of their lives. They were cautious and on guard at all times. While some were praying, the others keep guard against the traps and attacks of the unbelievers. It is very clear that the companions could not have been dull in such an environment.

As it is revealed in the Qur’an, our Prophet (saas) woke up at nights for prayer. He is very live and enthusiast during those moments as well. Likewise, the life of our Prophet (saas) during the day was also like that. Allah reveals in the Qur’an for our Prophet Mohammad (saas), “In the daytime much of your time is taken up by business matters.” Our Prophet (saas) was live and enthusiast during those hours as well.

As it was with our Prophet (saas), all of these struggles that occupy Muslims’ lives are not work that can be done with dullness. Therefore, Muslims are extremely live and enthusiast at every moment of their lives, in their speeches, looks and behaviors.

Muslims will be enthusiast in the Garden. In the same way, they will feel enthusiasm when they see the Hell.

Therefore, for a Muslim who act with this point of view, being live and enthusiast is one of the most urgent aspects to labor for in this world. In the same way, it is one of the most important prayers for a believer who is struggling to win Allah’s approval.


2010-08-11 14:07:46

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