Countless benefits of fruits - II


Watermelon is kind of a fruit that provides the increasing water and glucose requirement of the body during the summer months. From its homeland, the tropical regions of Africa, it spread throughout the Mediterranean countries by commercial ships. Today, almost 500 kinds of watermelons are grown all around the world. They are classified according to the form of their peels, seeds, color and weights.

Watermelon contains plenty amount of vitamin C and beta carotene. The high potassium content helps to regulate heart functions and blood pressure. At the same time, with its fibrous structure, it helps to regulate the intestinal activities and plays an important role preventing the intestinal cancer. The material in the watermelon seeds called cucurbocitrin helps to decrease the blood pressure and regulate the kidney functions. It has a special and an important place in summer diets because it does not contain any cholesterol and has low calorie. A sweat and juicy watermelon is the most delicious refresher of the hot summer months. It plays an important role in our nutrition with its water and vitamin content.


The apple tree from the rose family is a fruitful and a durable tree. Apple that grows in warm climates has almost 25 different kinds. You save your heart and circulatory system by eating one or two apples a day. Apple removes cholesterol and prevents constipation. It facilitates digestion by means of protein, vitamins and natural chemicals and decreases the blood pressure. At the same time, its scent has a comforting characteristic. Apple, known as useful against the arthritis, rheumatism and gout disorders is considered as the aspirin of the fruits. It has a quite high food value as well as its nice scent and refreshing characteristic.


Give the good news to those who believe and do right actions that they will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them. When they are given fruit there as provision, they will say, ‘This is what we were given before.’ But they were only given a simulation of it. They will have there spouses of perfect purity and will remain there timelessly, for ever. (2:25)

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