How do bacteria speak?

Bacteria is a group of living beings that reproduce very rapidly. They can take a new form and reach millions in number in a matter of minutes. These living beings employ various mechanisms in order to reproduce. In order to “see” their enemies, their use of sonar-like systems and speech bubbles are only a few of these complex mechanisms.

Unlike from plants and animals, bacteria are a large group of microorganisms that rapidly produce. In terms of their bio-chemical influences, they are very important in maintaining the balance of the world of living beings. Bacteria may live almost everywhere. That is why they are accepted to be the most populated living beings of the world. Bacteria, which have impact on human life in many ways communicate with one another by using very advanced communication systems. Bacteria that have various impacts on human life employ highly developed communication systems to communicate with one another.

Communicating By Sending Packages

The methods bacteria employ to communicate with one another are highly interesting. Some bacteria send one another messages of friendship while some others send packages with bombs. This incredible packaging system uses signals; a very different form of communication other than the system established with chemicals. These signals are in the form of balloons that include messages.

How do these messages carried?

Bacteria wrap these messages with a thin membrane of bacteria. Packages are in the form of ballonets similar to bubbles. These bubbles ensure the communication among bacteria when conditions are proper or, depending on the needs of the moment, carry toxin to the enemy in the form of a bomb package.

Some interesting points deserve mention here.

*While the package prepared by the bacteria ensures communication with other bacteria, how does it suddenly become harmful when it meets an enemy?

*How does the bacterium understand that the one approaching it is a friend or a foe?

*Can a single-celled microorganism think all of these, make trials, learn and then communicate them to the other members of its own species?

*Surely this is not possible. This being the case, all these details show us some of the evidence of glorious artistry of All-Mighty Allah. All-Mighty Allah creates the bacteria that perform these operations. The artistry of All-Mighty Allah’s creation and His knowledge is infinite.


Why do the enemies of the bacteria fall into error?

By this system of packaging, bacteria makes benefit of another method of protection. The bubbles that come out of the bacteria membrane and enclose it is perceived by the enemies almost as a bacteria colony. While the microbe colony which will give harm tries to understand whether the bacteria is alone or it is surrounded by its fellows a certain period of time passes. Meanwhile the bacteria gains time to get prepared for the toxin bombardment.

At this point new questions that need to be answered emerge. For instance, while bacteria form these bubbles;


*How is it known that bubbles can be interpreted by its foes as a bacteria colony?

* Who gave this knowledge to them?

*How can microbes that will give harm to bacteria estimate that bacteria possess such a mechanism?


The answer to all these questions point at a perfect creation. All of the complex systems mentioned above are the signs of Allah’s infinite might and superior creation.

Say: ‘Travel about the earth and see how He brought creation out of nothing. Then later Allah will bring about the next existence. Allah has power over all things. (Surat al-‘Ankabut, 20)


All-Mighty Allah endowed bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye a superior consciousness and a quick-wit. Bacteria can determine developments that human beings fail to notice, and even estimate beforehand, and acts proactively. It is not possible, as evolutionists claim, to explain all of these by chance for it is impossible to explain that the first bacteria came into existence “by chance.” It is an approach distant to science to claim that bacteria was influenced by conditions in an utterly uncontrolled environment by chance while there are no symptoms of life, that it suddenly began to breathe, that it abruptly went through some changes, and that it acquired its current attributes. The science and technology of our century discovered these miraculous features of bacteria one by one and thus reveal the hoax of evolution theory. Every feature we come across in living beings will be a way to discover Allah’s flawless artistry in a living being invisible to the naked eye and to appreciate it. This fact is revealed in the Qur’an thus:


And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about there are Signs for people with certainty. (Surat al-Jathiyya, 4)

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The Microworld Miracle, Harun Yahya


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