Lupin; a plant that can make weather forecast

Making weather forecast is possible for a human being by various methods. However if a plant has the capability to make weather forecast, then this is an amazing wonder of Creation.

The lupin plant in Arctic tundras makes weather forecast. In the light of this forecast, if it feels the weather conditions do not permit, it does not sprout but lapses into a kind of sleep under the earth and waits for the clement weather. In certain times of the year, the seeds of this plant needs warm weather to grow. Once the seeds feel the weather is not warm enough, a miracle happens and although the environmental conditions prove to be proper, the seeds do not sprout and, within the frozen earth, waits for the weather to get mild in the frozen earth. When conditions permit, the lupin seeds resume to develop even after a very long sleep. Indeed it is seen that plant seeds found in rock fractures remained there for hundreds of years and they neither got rot nor sprouted.

As it is seen the seed undergoes some changes as if it were aware of the outside conditions. To stress the importance of this subject, let us once again ask the following questions: how does the information of the outside reach the roots? Is it possible for the plant to be aware of the outside, that is, to make weather forecast. A mechanism within the seed informs the seed about the situation. Upon this information the seed abruptly ceases its development as if it received an order. In this case how did this communication system come into being? Did the plant think about this system itself and find it? How did it bring about the technical equipment within its system?

Surely the plant did not discover this system itself. In the genetic code of the seed which exists from the moment the plant first appears, this capability is already coded. It is by means of this genetic code that the lupin has the system which freezes its development when faced with cold weather. It is impossible for the information coding within the plant cell to come into existence all by itself. No matter how long the imaginary development process evolutionists propound may be, and no matter what kind of incidents take place in the meantime, it is impossible for such a system that informs the plant seeds about the weather conditions to have come about by itself. It is Almighty Allah – the One Who holds everything under His sway- Who grants these features to the plant.


2011-04-10 16:11:02

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