How do Fungi understand that air reaches freezing point?

Like bacteria and other micro living creatures fungi also take precautions and make apparent "smart" decisions to continue their survival. These organisms form ice crystals around their bodies by using some chemicals when the heat around them decreases towards freezing point. When they understand the circumstances become hard for them they begin to take shelter in the upper parts of the atmosphere and move themselves to warmer places by using air currents as vehicles. The method they use is to go into the clouds by using the winds after they transform themselves into ice crystals. After some time, when they find a suitable time and place, they return to the ground as a living core. By using this smart method they are able to put themselves under protection and also gain the ability to spread around easily.

A micro organism’s ability to understand the decrease of heat towards freezing point and using chemicals around themselves is surely a superior feature. The method used here constitutes a very conscious behavior. This being must "know" that it can protect itself as an ice crystal inside the clouds. It is impossible, without a doubt, that it can ever learn this method over time or trial and error. We don't see a smart creature here which can learn this method by just trying, we see a microorganism which only consists of some cells. This specialty of the fungi also clearly proves the irrationality underlying in the theory of evolution and within the desperate mindsets of Darwinists. None of the mechanisms of the evolution theory can explain a robust method like this which the fungi use, as the choice of a microorganism after it feels a need to protect itself.

Without a doubt evolutionists can never explain this truth. Because Allah created all the living beings with all of their sharp details and flawless properties. There is no need for these beings to know about precautions for their survival beforehand or to discover these methods by themselves by using trial and error. Because they are under the wisdom and rule of Allah who created them, protects them, and gives their livelihood to them. They only perform what Allah says and obey only Him. This truth is declared in Qur’an like this:

That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. (Surat al-An‘am, 102)

2011-04-24 16:26:14

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