Splash Tetra Fish; the fish protecting its offspring by a unique method

Splash tetra is a fish about 4 cm in length which habitats in South America’s slow-running rivers. The male splash tetra finds a proper leaf bending towards the water and awaits for a female to come. The purpose of the male and female fish is to lay their eggs on the leaf out of the water. When a female accepts the invitation to spawn, the pair leap out of the water together in a perfect manner. During this jump they press each other’s bodies to one another and do not separate until they attach themselves by fin suction to the underside of a leaf. Meanwhile the female produces and fertilizes 6 to 8 eggs and then the two fish fall back into the water. This procedure is repeated until as many as 200 eggs are attached to the leaf. Why do the splash tetra fish do not leave their eggs into the water? The answer is, they want to preserve their eggs in the most secure location.  

Male Splash Tetra protects its offspring with great self-sacrifice

Once the fertilization of eggs are finished the female fish leaves the environment. However the male fish remains under the leaf for three days and continuously wets the eggs every 10-15 minutes with its fin. At the end of these three days the offspring come out of the eggs and immediately fall to the water.

What would happen if the splash tetra fish would not wet the eggs for three days every 15 minutes? Surely all of the eggs would dry under the sun and the offspring would die.

However this never happens and splash tetra fish produce next generations by means of the self-sacrifice of the male fish. It is Almighty Allah Who inspires self-sacrifice, patience, hard-work and perseverance to this little fish. In one verse of the Qur’an Allah relates:


“There is instruction for you in cattle. …” (Surat an-Nahl, 66)

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