Those people who are resolute in heedlessness insist on not thinking with might and main

(An excerpt from Adnan Oktar’s conversation on 13 May 2011)

He has given you everything you have asked Him for. (Surah Ibrahim, 34) Allah gives eyes, He gives ears. There are the cases, the fingers. There is the light, electricity, if we try to count them, it never ends; neither today nor tomorrow. Even if we group them we cannot count them.

If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful.

Allah says that people are not interested in them although He gives so many blessings, even though He continuously grants blessings. Allah continuously presents images, sounds, blessings, feelings but they are not interested in them. They are in a reckless mood, they employ an indifferent style. Allah mentions this. We see these images, hear these sounds in a place as tiny as a lentil in our brains, in the place called consciousness. We experience these right now. Allah shows us the pure air, the noise of cars, tallymen, costermongers. Allah shows us the fights of people. Just as how there are natural scenes in movies, like the ones in Westerns. For instance there are the dogs, those wandering on streets; a natural look is given in movies; that is the same. Allah also grants us similar images in this world. But those people who are resolute in heedlessness insist on not thinking with might and main. Allah constantly provides food for thought but they do not think. Then Allah now and then gives sicknesses, He visits scourge on them, so that they may think but they still resist. Allah creates death; they witness death in no time but again they refuse to think. With death Allah creates a dreadful end so that they may think. For instance the scent of a dead body is quite disgusting, the worst smell ever. The image that comes into being with death is horrible; eyes flow out under the effect of pressure; the content of the intestines come out of mouth. The womb is pushed out. The eye becomes like jelly and flows out. The hair becomes like a dirty piece of felt under the earth. The flesh disintegrates, so do the bones. This takes place in a very short while. For instance a woman of 30 years becomes 40, 50, 60...let’s make it 70. The life ends in four decades; it ends in no time. Despite this people feel madly attached to this world. For instance they wear clothes; but they are simply made of challis or linen. They are torn apart in a short time. They purchase a car, it becomes old. The world; it also ultimately crushes on the Day of Judgment. It happens in a short while. For instance there are 70  years left to the termination of religions. Bediuzzaman says that the Day of Judgment will happen in 1545. But no matter how Allah warns people, the majority of people are utterly inclined to heedlessness. For instance people have lots of weaknesses. Women try to become beautiful by dying their hair and make-up. Allah created people with many weaknesses on purpose. For instance butterflies are not so; a butterfly is extremely magnificent and fine. Its make- up is perfect. There is no need for any make-up. There is nothing you can additionally do on a butterfly to make it beautiful. For instance a pheasant is glorious; what can you do more to make it more beautiful? It shines like gold...But man is especially created with many weaknesses. For instance he needs to clean his ears, he needs to clean his nose, he needs to clean his armpits. He needs to clean every part of his body and he continuously suffers from weaknesses. A bug has no such problem. If you notice, a bug shines brightly. It is immaculately clean. For instance ants; they are like varnished. They neither need to brush their teeth nor wash their faces and hands. They only clean them with their paws a few times, that is it. They become pure right away. These are the weaknesses of this world.


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