The characteristics of the tracking system in the brain acting like a aaster cameraman

When we look at a car passing by the street, our eyes automatically move with the movement of the car. At the same time, many processes take place in the different regions of our brain and eyes. All of these different processes are aimed at the same target; following the moving object.

When we try to move our eyes slowly without a moving object to follow, we can never accomplish it without a few exceptions. However, when a moving object comes into our view, the tracking system Almighty Allah specially created for us steps in.

Every image a human being has seen since the moment of his birth is formed inside the visual cortex in a dark and wet environment. The total size of the visual cortex is 1.5 cm2. Everything in human life, one’s childhood, the schools one went to, one’s house, work, family, neighborhood, country, the world one lives in, the universe, the image of one’s body in mirror, every detail one sees throughout one’s life, and in short one’s whole life is formed on a 1.5 cm2 of flesh. Of course, it is logically impossible that this piece of flesh can perceive all of these in an area of 1.5 cm2 in size. So who is this being who perceives all these? If it is not the brain that sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes, then what is it?

At this point, the truth that transcends is very explicit: As a being that can see, feel, think and judge, humans are creatures beyond the atoms and molecules that form matter. What makes a human “human” is the soul given to it by Almighty Allah. Otherwise, it would be completely unreasonable to consider a 1.5 kg piece of flesh as responsible for human consciousness and all other human abilities.


He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay; then produced his seed from an extract of base fluid; then formed him and breathed His Spirit into him and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!(Surat as-Sajda, 7-9)

Scientists have not been able to discover the working mechanism of this tracking system, which exist in our body since the moment of our birth.  Many people do not even think about how it works or do not even realized due to habit. It is of course impossible for people to make such a system, especially when the details of the working mechanism are not known. Even this single example is a proof that the whole universe is created by Almighty Allah.

Scientists are Trying to Uncover the System in the Brain

Specialists use very complicated mathematical methods called “image processing” in order to form the tracking system that resembles the one in our eyes. As a result of these methods, the targeted object is distinguished inside the image and some physical values such as its position in space, travel line, speed and acceleration are calculated.  Then these values are evaluated and transferred to the camera or radar engines from which the image is taken. In this way, the target does not get out of the range of the camera or the radar. This system, which contains very complicated mathematical systems, works inside of us without any effort or us even realizing it. The image that falls onto the eyes, which are our cameras, is processed in the brain and information such as the object’s position in space, travel line and speed are calculated. Then, in the direction of this information, twelve muscles that move our eyes turn the eyes in just the required measure. As a result, our eyes can turn towards the required direction and at the right speed.  This perfect system of course requires a very detailed calculation. It is clear that this system, which is a work of Almighty Allah’s superior intelligence, cannot be formed as a result of coincidences and it is very irrational to explain this perfect system by coincidences.

Our Almighty Lord is the One Who Creates the Perfect Structure in Our Brain

The tracking system inside the brain shows us how organized the image process works through such detailed and purposeful systems, which is a miracle by itself. The eye, even one part of which is impossible to have formed by coincidences, has a perfect order from light-sensitive cells to the retina, from the lens to optic nerves, to special cells that turn light into signals using chemical methods, to eyelids and eyelashes as a whole with every one of its parts. Also the eye and eye muscles have systems that work hand in hand with the brain in order to track moving objects. This shows that Almighty Allah, the All-Powerful, created the eye with its 40 different parts, the light, movement and sight. Like every detail created by Almighty Allah, this structure in our brain is one of the manifestations of our Lord’s infinite intelligence and knowledge.


Allah brought you out of your mothers’ wombs knowing nothing at all, and gave you hearing, sight and hearts so that perhaps you would show thanks. (Surat an-Nahl, 78)

Our eyes, which are so important to us, would turn into meaningless, useless balls filled with water, without the brain and the visual cortex inside the brain. When the crucial roles of the brain and the visual cortex are taken into consideration, it is better understood that the eye has no meaning or function without these as a single entity. Our brain is like a cameraman who records the image transferred from the eyes or the cameras like a master. One of the superior characteristics of this master cameraman inside us created by Almighty Allah is the tracking system.

After the image focused on the retina by the lens is turned into electrical signals, in a timeframe of one in a one thousandth of a second, it is transferred to the brain via optic nerves. The signals, which are obtained from both eyes separately, is merged as a single image. It distinguishes the shape and color of the object and determines how far away it is and tracks a moving object. In short, it is not the eye that sees the objects, but it is in the brain where vision takes place.


It is He Who has created hearing, sight and hearts for you. What little thanks you show! (Surat al-Muminun, 78)

Brain’s Function in Sight

When the processes of the brain regarding sight are examined, it is better understood that these processes are created compatible with the structure of the eye:
    The signals from the retinas of two separate eyes being collided on top of the each other

    Comparing these images and sensing the depth.

    Recognizing lines and borders.

    Color analysis in the visual cortex.

    The perception of brightness in the brain. Little is known about how the brain distinguishes levels of brightness. But this is thought to partially stem from brightness increasing the intensity of visual contrasts caused by lines, boundaries, moving objects and opposite colors in the visual field.

    Controlling of the diameter of the pupil.

    Controlling of the eye movements through muscles.

    Breaking down and re-assembling the image coming from the retina and completing the image with visual memory.

    Turning the image upside down.

    Filling in the image falling on the blind spot not to leave it empty.

    Tracking the moving objects.

The eyes which possess features millions of times more superior than cameras equipped with the most advanced technology, is one of the most detailed organs which are a proof of Almighty Allah’s Art of Creation. Many more important points about the workings of the eye were revealed as science has progressed in studying and examining the eye. However, the eye existing with all the most perfect details is not enough to see; it must also be perfectly compatible with the brain. This truth is one of the evidences that destroy the idea of coincidental existence by evolutionists.


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