Water that always returns to us

For water (one of the most important necessities of life) to be formed hydrogen and oxygen atoms need to collide. The earth does not have the required level of heat and energy to allow this collision. However, water was formed at one time during the creation of the Earth and this same water is continuously offered to us in a purified form.

Allah has granted great knowledge and abilities to people in regards to many subjects. For instance, thanks to today’s technology, the formation of many things can be viewed in laboratory environment. However, there are certain basic events which the formation of can not be viewed in a lab environment. This basic thing, which is simultaneously a grand blessing, is “water”, which covers most of the earth and is one of our most basic needs. Water was formed at one time during the creation of the Earth and then its formation phase was  over.

The atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases, which are two molecules that travel freely in the air, need to collide with one another in order to form water by coming together. During this collision, the bonds that form hydrogen and oxygen molecules weaken, and the atoms that form these molecules collide in order to form a new molecule called “water” (H2O). This so-called collision can only happen at a very high temperature, and in a level of high energy. There is no temperature on Earth now high enough to allow for the formation of water. Therefore, the formation of water is impossible. The water that exists on Earth is the water that was formed as a result of high temperatures during the creation of Earth.


The amount of this water never changes. The water that we drink, use and is a part of our life is always the same water. Waters that vaporize due to the Earth's water cycle return to us in purified form through the clouds. Allah revealed this truth in His verses:

“Have you thought about the water that you drink? Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or are We the Sender?” (Surat Al-Waqi‘a, 68-69)

If Allah were to dry up all the water He created on Earth, there is no being strong enough to bring it back. If Allah does not send down the water He pulls to the clouds, there is no power to pull it back to Earth. All blessings are from Allah. Almighty Allah is the One Who continuously grants and provides, Who creates out of nothing, and Who is the Owner of superior strength.

“We sent down a measured amount of water from heaven and lodged it firmly in the earth; and We are well able to remove it.” (Surat al-Muminun, 18)

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