Advice from our Prophet (SAAS)

Our Prophet (SAAS ) joked with his companions and laughed with them.

The beautiful words of our Prophet (saas) which reach us in our present day are extremely valuable for Muslims. These words create a good example to recognize our Prophet's (saas) superior moral values and personality, and also to live the morality of Quran. From the events which were related by the companions, we can understand that our Prophet (saas) often joked with his family and companions, laughed at their jokes and gave them nice names or nicknames. But our Prophet (saas) as on every subject, behaved very considerately, conscientiously, and with understanding about his jokes. The recommendations of our Prophet (saas) to his companions about joking can be summarized like this:


"I make jokes, but I say only the truth"

"A Muslims frightening another Muslim brother is not lawful"

"Don't dispute with your brother and don't make jokes by mocking him"

"Shame on the person who tells lies to make other people laugh"

"A person can not be a true believer unless he stop telling lies and creating disputes even if he is right"

"Don't tell a lie, even if it is a joke"


(The Six Books, Concise Translation and Commentary, Professor. Dr.. İbrahim Canan, volume 15, Akçağ Publications, Ankara, p. 209)

A saying of our Prophet (saas) told by Jarir ibn Abdullah is as follows:


"Allah does not show mercy to a person who does not show mercy to other people"

(Bukhari and Muslim, Bukhari; Kitab'ul-Tawhid and the Book-Adab, Muslim; Kitab'ul-Fedail, 2319, Ahmad, 3 / 40)

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