The flawless pipeline in the human body

God created the human body with a flawless circulatory system. Thanks to this, the blood that is required for the human body is able to reach from our toes to the farthest spots of our brain. Every spot of the human body is covered with billions of large and small pipes, as it where. If we think that we lay this pipeline known as the circulatory system  on a flat surface, we would see that its total length is approximately 100 thousand kilometers (96.500 km) for a single human being.(Lionel Bender, Science Facts, Human Body, Crescent Books, New York, New Jersey, 1992. p.32)

The circulatory  system is such a perfect fitting that all of the necessary connections to every part of the body are made. Veins  do not knot in anywhere, do not open for no reason and do not have blind spots; they circuit the body from top to bottom and turn back to the same spot.

A plan is required to lay down a pipe fixture in any building. The plan of the pipe fitting in the human body is so perfect that it cannot be compared to any human-made plan. The veins found in a healthy human body carry out their duties for a lifetime. They do not require any maintenance . Moreover, the human body is not motionless like a building. A person moves, walks, runs, sits, stands and the veins continuously flex and continue to operate flawlessly under this tension.

2011-09-25 18:02:37

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