A Miracle of Creation: Cells programmed to die

Many people know that when cells become unnecessary, old or defective they kill themselves. But how does the process take place?

Many cells produce a number of proteins to use for self-destruction when the need arises. As soon as the cells become sick, malignant or start to threaten the health of the organism in a way, they activate their killer proteins and destroy themselves.

However, it is crucial that the protein is activated at the right time. The system should not be used when there is no problem in the cell and the cell is still useful for the body. As a matter of fact, if the death proteins start to act when the cell is healthy, the healthy cells in the body will die, which will harm the body and may even cause death. Similarly, any delay and/or postponement in the activation of the death program may again result in the death of the organism.

The cell, in an astonishing display of punctuality and determination, activates the aforementioned destruction program at the precise moment and with spectacular intelligence and sacrifice, thereby acting as a means for the survival of the organism.

Another incredible point is the stages that follow once the program is activated. When the cell decides that it should die for the sake of the body, it immediately activates the death proteins, and begins to shrink away from its surroundings. Following this, bubbles begin to form on its surface and the nucleus and then the rest of the cell break down.

In the meantime, healthy cells step in to destroy the remains of the harmful cells that are beginning to die and completely cleanse the body of the dead cell. However, they deliberately refrain from destroying certain dead cells, of which functions in the body have not been completed yet. For example, tissues like skin, nails and the lens in the eye are made up of dead cells, but they are still necessary for the body. For this reason, healthy cells do not destroy such cells that are still useful for the body even though they are dead.

Programmed cell death is also very important for the development of the human body. For example, as a baby grows up in the mother's womb, hands are first paddle-like structures. However, when the cells in the region receive the instructions to form the fingers, the cells in the relevant places start to commit suicide in a very precise manner, as if they are sculptors shaping the hands. Not having the ability of seeing themselves from outside and unaware of concepts like symmetry, cells miraculously sacrifice themselves exactly in required amount and in the required places. As a result, the gaps between the fingers, the lengths and the shapes of the fingers appear perfectly.

This suicide software in the cell also plays an important role in protecting the body against cancer. Cancer occurs when a cell does not die when it is supposed to and cancerous cells begin to damage the body by reproducing. The methods used in cancer treatment have been developed to eliminate these cancerous cells that do not die at the right time.

This wonderful system, active 24/7 for the lifetime of the organism to maintain its health, works without making any mistakes and without the slightest disorder in the chain of command. Each cell stands by to perform this sacrifice when the time comes. They constantly take and carry out orders for the healthy growth and functioning of the body.

Existence of such a well-ordered, organized and planned system in a cell without a brain or the ability to think is surely astounding. 

At this point, it is important to ask the following questions:

Why do the cells, allegedly selfish according to the evolutionists who describe life as a struggle, possess such a system?

How do cells know how to perform all these actions?

How did they learn to make these decisions, which are crucial for the survival of the body?

And how can the trillions of cells in the body all be acting  together in an incredibly harmonious manner to implement these orders?

Needless to say, the intelligence clearly visible in the cell did not come into being by itself. Like all other creation, cells carry out what is commanded to them by God. The intelligence displayed as they carry out their orders is only the manifestation of the infinite wisdom of God.

Every detail of the universe is created for a certain purpose by our Almighty Lord. In the creation of cells that have incredible skills, there is infinite wisdom and art. Learning about, and thinking over these miracles will help us understand our Lord's infinite power, knowledge, wisdom and greatness, and will help us get closer to Him. As God informs us in the following verse, "...Only those of His slaves with knowledge have fear of Allah..." (Surah Fatir, 28)

2017-04-18 20:13:24

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