Islam Is Rising Rapidly in America

A study by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies in the United States of America has provided wide-ranging information about American Islam.

The report, the result of a lengthy study last year in the United States of America as a whole and involving interviews with 319,000 Muslims, showed that Islam in the USA is rising fast. Center’s executive director Dalia Mogahed said, “Our study reveals an ethnically heterogeneous, politically diverse, well-educated and uniquely American Muslim community.” Ahmed Younis, a senior analyst of the center, said: “Muslim women are at least as likely as Muslim men to hold a college or post-graduate degree, and Muslim women are more likely to work in a professional environment than women from most other US religious groups. ... Forty-two percent of Muslim women had degrees compared with 39 percent of Muslim men in the United States.” It is estimated there are some 7-8 million Muslims of different races and ethnic backgrounds living in America.

In another study conducted in the USA it emerged that the number of Muslims in the country is rising. According to one wide-ranging study by the American Religious Identity research center, the level of Christians in the country has dropped, while the number of Americans describing themselves as Muslims has risen to 0.6%. The growth of eastern religions such as Buddhism has slowed.


2009-03-10 00:00:00

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