African Kings and Sultans Converted to Islam

Six Kings and Sultans from Aflao, a city in South Africa, converted to Islam in the presence of Libyan President Muammar Al Gaddafi. African kings, sultans, leaders and tribe headmen gathered together at a summit held in Tripoli, capital of Libya.The Aflao leaders expressed their joy because of converting to Islam. 

Before the Aflao leaders repeated the Islamic testimony of faith (the Shahadah), Gaddafi explained the five pillars of Islam  and said that Muslim Prophet Muhammed (saas) is the last Messenger of Allah sent to all of the humanity. 

While inviting the new converted leaders to comply with the pillars revealed in the Qur’an, Gaddafi stressed the importance of reading the Qur’an and doing good deeds. Aflao leaders repeated the Islamic testimony of faith (the Shahadah) during the lecture and Gaddafi expressed his feelings by saying this was the blessing of Ramadan.

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