An Islamic Center to be founded in Russia

An Islamic Center, named Al - Vasatiya will be founded in Russia. The Center will act in order to develop the idea of moderation and tolerance.

The fifth of   “Russia – Islamic World” strategic vision group meeting was organized in Kuwait. On behalf of Russia Ingushetia President Yunus Bek Evkurov, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Russian representative Kamil Ishakov, Alexandr Torshin, First Vice-President of the Council of the Federation, the Chairman of Russia Mufties Council Ravil Gainutdin and other senior authorities participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, Russian and Islamic World relations as well as some remedies to solve the present problems were discussed. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev sent a letter to the participants to congratulate the forum and state that the relations between Russia and Islam Countries should get increased. In the letter, Medvedev expressed his feelings as: “In these three years, this forum has contributed a lot to increase the trust and mutual understanding between Russia and Islamic Countries.”

Moreover, a contract was signed to establish an Islamic Center named Al – Vasatiya in Russia. The contract was signed by Abdel al- Falyah, Vice President of Kuwait Ministry of Foundations and Farid Asadullin, a senior authorized person from the Administration of Russian Muslims, Europe Division.

Al-Vasatiya Islamic Center will contribute to develop the ideas of tolerance and moderation among the Muslims living in Russia. Asadullin explained to the Russian press that by means of this center the Russian Muslim intellectuals can come together and enjoy the works of the other intellectuals.

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