She became a muslim being impressed by meaning of Quran

In Manavgat district of Antalya, a tourist, which a Qur’an has been given as a gift translated into German, became a Muslim on the first day of Ramadan. In the Ceremony of Ihtida has been held in Manavgat Mufti’s office, by making Shahadah, german tourist Renate Rothenberger was given name Aysegul. She said she was very happy, and thanked her friends help who helped her become a Muslim. In the beginning of the Ramadan, it was a double happiness for us, said Halil Tas, the Mufti of Manavgat “coming of the Ramadan, sultan of eleven month is a source of happiness. And a Christian’s choosing Islam added to our happiness. Allah made our sister to find out the right way, with a sign of His compassion. Our wish is that Allah may give her integrity, make her turn towards Him. And may Allah grant her Heaven and make her happy eternally.”

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