People in World runs to Islam

In ceremony of ihtida (religious conversion) held in the Office of Mufti in Manavgat, Antalya, one hundred and three non-believer and atheist became muslim by making shahadah. From different religious beliefs, when the most atheists and nihilists became Muslim was on the seventh month of 2009, by nine person choosing Islam. The latest person became Muslim in mufti’s office was a Polish labarotary assistant Aleksandra Wöjcik(named Zeynep), when the ceremony of ihtida was held by Mehmet Kuntbilek , deputy mufti. The numbers of people choosing Islam was 59 male, 44 female. The country placed on the top is Germans, second comes Baltic countries like Estonia, Moldovia, Lithuania and the third is Netherlanders to choose Islam. Those who are honoured with Islam was 69 bachelor graduate, 23 highschool graduate and 13 vocational highschool graduate. And it was informed that eighteen of people was converted from atheism, nihilism, pantheism and theism. All the 103 person become Muslim by changing their beliefs with their own consents and wishes.

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