Georgian youngsters are learning Quran in Rize, (Turkey)

With the support of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, 22 Georgian youngsters are receiving Qur’an education in Rize, Turkey.

Georgian youngsters, who came from Georgia to Rize to get prepared for University, stay at the Felenksu Qur’an Learning Center which belongs to Directorate of Religious Affairs of Rize. All the expenses of these young people are being paid by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. The youngsters are also receiving religious education at the Learning Center they stay in. The Georgian youngsters, who have just learned how to read Quran, also aim to teach Quran in Georgia.

One of the Georgian youngsters stated that they are all happy to get their education in Rize,  and  said "  Over here, we are getting ready for the university as well as learning about our religion. By courtesy of Turkish Government, Islam is being taught in our country as well. However, I would like to thank everyone who provided for us to receive this education in here".

2009-04-25 00:00:00

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