High Public Interest to the "Loved One" festivity in New Jersey

The week of the Blessed Born, has been celebrated in New Jersey, USA.

The conference was held at the Bergen City Academy lecture hall of New York religious services attache, and the. The vice - president of the Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Ozafsar gave a speech, and as he said " The Prophet (pbuh), has brought the concept of family from a social model that was based on immorality to a social model that is based on the individual"s reciprocal rights"., Mmany Turkish citizens showed intense participation in this conference. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ozafsar emphasized on our prophet"s family life, and expressed the way in which how the family life should be in our lives. The head consul general of New York, Mehmet Samsar said that " Every year we get to know our prophet with his different aspects. This year we will be learning his family life. If the family is strong, the society will be strong." Samsar also stated the importance of the family for the Turkish society.

The New York religious services attache, Gazi Erdem also said that by the the Religious Affairs Ministry, 20 years ago started "The week of the Blessed Born" programs was started 20 years ago by the Religious Affairs Ministry, and are being celebrated in many parts of the world with many different activities.  

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