Russia gives Muslim Soldiers the right of free worship

The fundamental conditions have been formed in Privoljsk - Ural Military Unit of Russia to allow the soldiers who are fulfilling compulsory military services to perform their religious duties in a free manner. According to the news in the Russian press, the Muslim soldiers in Chelyabinsk Province confirmed that their commanders gave them permission to perform their prayers in a mosque located in city of Ozersk.

For the soldiers, who would like to carry on their religious trainings, some private hours have been established in a Madrasah (Islamic training school) located in Tobolsk Province. The Russian press also stated that an Orthodox church and a Muslim Mosque were built in 2007 in Chelyabinsk Province as per request of the officers in commands of the military unit. The press also expressed that this was the first within the “non Muslim” regions of Russia.

Moreover, it is also reported that, during the military exercises, temporary places of worship are prepared to enable the soldiers to perform their religious duties and the Muslim imams (man who leads prayers in a Mosque) are invited together with the church priests during military oath ceremonies as well.

According to a research carried out by Russian Interfax Agency, 50% of the soldiers are Muslim at Privoljsk - Ural Military Unit whereas 40 % of the soldiers are Christians.

2010-03-17 00:00:00

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