Russia holds the largest population embracing Islam

Russian women hold the front rank in converting to Islam. Due to the official information by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, 479 people converted to Islam last year. Germans hold the second rank following Russians in converting to Islam according to the data by the Presidency of Religious Affairs. Last year 46 Germans came to Turkey and embraced Islam and 33 of them were women.  English people enjoy the third rank after Russians and Germans. 30 English people became Muslim last year. Americans, Belgian and French citizens are also among the converts on the list.

There are also some interesting results based on age groups. People in the age group between 21-30 who embraced Islam, enjoy the first rank. Totally 209 people between the age of 21 - 30 converted to Islam. The age group between 31-40 involves 135 converts while the age group of 61 and over enjoys 18 converts.

2010-07-26 00:00:00

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