The Famous Polish Author Became a Muslim

Henryk Broder, a well-known intellectual and Jewish author from Germany openly announced his conversion to Islam and became a Muslim after writing so many books and articles against Islam and Muslims. Based on the news sourced by “Bla Fiod” web site, the “Al-Alam” TV Channel announced that “Henryk Broder”, one of the famous authors of “Der Spiegle” Magazine as well as the author of best-selling book in Germany in 2007, became a Muslim.

According to the news, the 61 years old Polish author changed his name as “Henryk Muhammad Broder” after becoming a Muslim and stated that “I am turning towards Islam which is already present in human nature since everybody is born with it.” And then he nearly shouted as; “Everybody hear Me! I became a Muslim!” Broder, who has been discussing Islam for years with the Friday prayer imam of Rıza Mosque in New Koln finally converted to Islam and expressed himself by saying; “I am so relieved that I discovered the reality which was hidden inside my whole body.”

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