Islam is on the rise in Europe

German Muslim Abu Bekr Rieger, the Chairman of European Muslims Union, said: “We would like to introduce Islam to more people to give the good news to them. The Qur’an attracts and amazes people. Our duty is to share this with others.”

Abu Bekr expressed that Islam is an inseparable piece of Europe and explained: “Islam’s speed of expansion through Europe surprises European politicians, religious scholars, researchers and the media. The main reason is that Islam’s offering a strong social base and stable family structure as the religious and cultural values are devastated in European societies…”

European Abu Bekr Rieger converted to Islam when he was a law student and founded the Foundation of European Muslims Union to introduce Islam and defend it in several platforms. Abu Bekr explained how he became a Muslim as follows;

“I became a Muslim 20 years ago when I was a law student. I had no idea about Islam before then. I was living in a conservative place and my conversion to Islam created reactions in such a place and I received surprising responses. This made me comprehend that I need to expend energy in explaining myself. I need to behave more consciously. I felt the necessity to present the content of Islam in detail to my parents at first. I needed to speak with them many times. But, what convinced them finally is, my children and their sense of decency. During my conversion to Islam, no extraordinary thing happened. I converted to Islam as I find answers to my questions slowly one by one. I became a Muslim by involving all of my feelings. First of all my heart felt the need to become a Muslim. All of us should fulfill our responsibilities in social, cultural and in all other fields. Islam, as a whole, consists of the values that enlighten and shape our present time and also our future. I would like to express this.”

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