A Myth Regarding The Origin Of Hands And Feet On ntvmsnbc.com

A report published by the news portal ntvmsnbc.com on Friday, 26 October, 2007, added yet another component to unscientific Darwinist propaganda.
A report published by the news portal ntvmsnbc.com on Friday, 26 October, 2007, added yet another component to unscientific Darwinist propaganda. The report, headed “The origin of the hands and feet lies in fish fins,” was the result of evolutionary myths produced on the basis of a common gene between fish and terrestrial land forms. This propaganda, which is based on the tactic of depicting genes shared between life forms as the product of evolution, was used to support the myth that fish emerged from the water and gradually turned into terrestrial vertebrates and human beings (!). The following is our response to ntvmsnbc.com"s unscientific claim.
The subject of the ntvmsnbc.com report was the result of a study published in the scientific Journal of Experimental Zoology. In that study a team led by Zerina Johanson studies the genes of a lunged fish known as Neoceradotus, focusing on the proteins involved in the development of the fish’s fins. (Proteins are the building blocks of the cell, produced according to the genetic plan encoded in DNA.)
Johanson, a palaeontologist at the Museum of Natural History in America, says in comments regarding the study that the proteins they investigated bear a resemblance to the proteins involved in the development of hands, feet and wings in terrestrial life forms, and suggests that this supports the idea that terrestrial vertebrates evolved from fish.
A moment’s reflection easily reveals the error in suggesting that shared structures are evidence of evolution. Technological structures produced in the light of a specific aim and including a blueprint such as computers are a particularly illuminating model here. As we know, the various makes of computer all contain various common components, such as hard disks, processors and screens. These components resemble one another in terms of both function and structure. For example, although the screens belonging to two different brands of computer may be slightly different in size and other features, they still work on basically the same principles, using similar technology and structures. This is perfectly natural, because engineers have designed them in the light of a common objective and manufactured them by combining similar structures required for that purpose.
Careful examination shows that the findings of the study in question bear a close similarity to this state of affairs. Both lunged fish fins and the hands, feet and wings of terrestrial vertebrate life forms are organs used for movement, and it is quite natural that similar proteins should be involved during the developmental process.
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