Darwinists, Fire at Will!

Darwinists have recently been chasing around after fossils discovered decades ago. They keep looking for fossils that “they can suggest as transitional forms.” First, they trumpeted the fossil Ida, discovered in 1983, as the eighth wonder of the world. When this resulted in a fiasco they quickly retracted all their claims about Ida. The new star of the show is ARDI.
Darwinists have recently been chasing around after fossils discovered decades ago. They keep looking for fossils that “they can suggest as transitional forms.” First, they trumpeted the fossil Ida, discovered in 1983, as the eighth wonder of the world. When this resulted in a fiasco they quickly retracted all their claims about Ida. The new star of the show is ARDI.
ARDI (Ardipithecus ramidus), discovered in 1994, was recently heralded as a glorious discovery 15 years later. Darwinists again claimed that they had discovered that long sought after and fictitious missing link. The Darwinist press went straight to work. Within a few days there was almost nowhere that the name ARDI could not be seen. The same deceptive techniques for the last 150 years were used. Darwinist propaganda functioned totally as planned and everything was conducted according to the rules of the Darwinist dictatorship.
It was first claimed that the life form was a perfect missing ink. They said “It walked upright, despite being 4.4 million years old.” Robot drawings were produced, and these were then animated in a computer environment. The image of an ape walking upright with sure steps appeared in all Darwinist publications. The visual part of the propaganda was complete. All that remained was demagoguery. And since Darwinists were well acquainted with demagoguery, that was soon resolved. The techniques of Darwinist propaganda had been applied with no interruptions.
The only thing that Darwinists had failed to include in their calculations was that this ruse would inevitably be exposed. The field was not empty as it had been before. They never imagined that the ARDI deception would inevitably emerge into the light of day.

As with All Their Transitional Fossil Tales, Darwinists Are Deceiving People with Regard to ARDI:

As we have already made clear many times before, Darwinists use the following technique when it comes to the fictitious evolution of man: they take an extinct gorilla or chimpanzee. That is easy for Darwinists because only 120 OUT OF THE 6000 APE SPECIES THAT ONCE EXISTED ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY. In other words, the fossil remains from 5880 ape species are perfect tools for Darwinist speculation. Darwinists generally invent highly primitive scenarios using these fossils, making claims such as “all right, it is a monkey, but its thumb is bent and the soles of its feet are curved, meaning it is turning into a human being.” The scenario is totally illogical, but these illogical accounts may appear quite convincing to people with no knowledge of the subject when published in world famous Darwinist publications, when adorned with scientific terminology nobody can comprehend, and when those who espouse them are professors blindly devoted to Darwinism, in other words, when a lie is repeated over and over again. Darwinists thus take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge, the influence of the media and propaganda techniques, and have been engaged in this base strategy for many years now.

In the case of ARDI, Darwinists produced an identical copy of the BONOBO rather than an extinct species. And they said, “all right, it is an ape, but it stands upright!” Darwinists are deceiving people with this claim. They have found the firing range empty and are free to fire at will.  


The Idea that ARDI Walked Upright Is a Terrible Deception:

Found in 1994, the fossil skeleton was broken up when first discovered. So much so that when paleontologists first picked up the fossilized bone fragments they were highly brittle. Paleontologists investigating the fossil said, from pictures taken when it was first discovered, that the pelvis in particular looked like a stew and that the bones would need “reconstruction” millimeter by millimeter. In line with that decision, Darwinists took millimetric fragments of uncertain shape and constructed the kind of pelvis they wanted out of them.

A living thing’s posture is a complex issue that can be determined through the structure of the pelvis and the ratios between various other structures in the body. In order for an upright posture to be established, the pelvic bone has to be examined with millimetric and certain measurements, and the angles between the pelvic bone, the femur and the knee bones have to be determined using an exact and very fine calculation.
It is impossible for the delicate calculations in question to be made in this fossil, more than half of which was missing and whose pelvis had been totally reconstructed. It is very easy, however, for the fossil to be set out in such a way as to show its owner walking upright.
Any paleontologist can arrange the fragments in question and then interpret the resulting new fossil as he or she wishes. This was noted in an article about ARDI in Time magazine:
“Indeed, looking at the evidence, different paleoanthropologists may have different interpretations of how Ardi moved...” 1
In addition, ARDI’s well preserved foot structure totally repudiates Darwinists on the subject. The inward-pointing big toe on ARDI’s feet and the lack of arched feet that human beings have are some of the clearest proofs that this life form did not walk upright. The BBC web site said in a report on ARDI that on the basis of the evidence in question “she could not walk or run for long distances."" 2 A report on the National Geographic web site said that “Ardi would have walked on her palms as she moved about in the trees.” 3
Darwinists selected a fossil to speculate on 15 years after its discovery. The fossil subjected to that speculation must be one that fully supports the scenario of upright gait on which Darwinists have pinned their hopes. And since there is no available transitional fossil, the ideal subject for speculation, for Darwinists, is a FRAGMENTED fossil.
That is what ARDI made possible for Darwinists: They took the fragmented fossil, arranged it as they chose and engaged in such speculation as they wished. And that is how Darwinist deception works.

Why 15 Years Later?

 Because Darwinists realized they had been routed. The last few years in particular have been a time when Darwinists have suffered a great and very powerful collapse. The techniques of Darwinist deception have been exposed, the absence of any transitional fossils has been made clear, and Darwinist frauds have been unmasked. But most important of all, 250 MILLION FOSSILS THAT ALL PROVE CREATION HAVE EMERGED. The Atlas of Creation has dealt Darwinists the heaviest blow of all. Today there is no-one, Darwinist included, who is unaware THAT NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL EXISTS. Darwinists are therefore in a state of stunned shock.

As a result of that great shock, they are frantically looking for a way out, pulling fossils of PERFECT LIFE FORMS DATING BACK 15-20 years from their drawers and writing tall tales about them. This Darwinist wriggling is the clearest sign of the rout they have suffered. The nonsense produced on the basis of an ordinary fossil ape or lemur also documents that fact. But the fact is that the theory of evolution requires the existence not of 1, 3 or a dozen TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS, BUT OF BILLIONS. BUT THERE EXISTS NOT ONE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL, let alone billions. The reason for this nonsense being peddled by Darwinists is their defeat and state of despair.

1 Michael D. Lemonick and Andrea Dorfman, "Excavating Ardi: A New Piece for the Puzzle of Human Evolution," Time magazine (October 1, 2009).
2 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8285180.stm
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