Great interest in the Turkic American Alliance/TUSKON conference; there can be no world peace without Turkey

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Azernews,  October 23rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey will be a great Turkey. I am not just 99% certain, but 100%. It will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. The whole world will see this in the next 10 to 20 years. Mark my words. This is very clear, by Allah’s leave. There is no other way. This is mankind’s destiny, insha’Allah. Turkey will therefore  become the leader of Muslims and of Christians and of Jews. The leader, it will be the leader. And it will bring peace, tranquility and justice to them all. Turkey is already doing that now. It is doing it in Bosnia and Iraq. It is also doing so in Afghanistan, and everywhere else. The Turkish Army is met with love wherever it goes, but this will expand still further because our nation is highly affectionate and delights in love and friendship. It will feed others rather than eat itself, give others  drink rather than drink itself. It will give its best bed to a guest rather than keeping it for itself.


Seher TV,  October 3rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: I am openly stating that Turkey is in charge of the matter. Turkey is the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. From what I can see, Allah has bestowed this leadership on the Turkish nation because this is how it was in Ottoman times. It will discharge that leadership in the finest manner, the Turkish nation. The Turkish nation has suffered, it has no selfishness or egoism, it is loyal and hospitable. It is virtuous, and is the nation that best lives by Islam. This is a fact. Everyone agrees.

MPL TV,  April 23rd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: For one thing, Turkey has the necessary experience. It has the experience of an empire. It has the experience of administering countries and it has the ability; and the Turkish nation has remained pure. Anatolian moral values have not become corrupted. Anatolia has been preserved. That hospitality, cleanliness, moral virtue, warmth, humanity, that spirit of neighborliness and compassion and altruism have remained the same. Europe has lost that. But it will not make Europe uncomfortable. IT WILL BE A SALVATION FOR EUROPE. It will be like a police officer for Europe, and also the Turkish-Islamic Union BECAUSE THE RESULT WILL BE A VERY POWERFUL STRUCTURE THAT PROTECTS EUROPE AND THE WORLD AND BRINGS PEACE AND SECURITY TO THE WORLD. EUROPE WILL LIVE IN PEACE AND TRANQUILITY. Why should Europe not want that? Nothing will change. This system will support NATO and the EU. IT IS A GREAT BLESSING FOR THE EU BECAUSE THANKS TO THIS UNION, EUROPE WILL BECOME VERY WEALTHY. The affection of the Turkish-Islamic Union will enfold them, and they will live in peace. 




Zaman, 02 December 2011

The annual congress of the Turkic American Alliance, attended by ministers and deputies from Turkey, also attracted great interest from members of the U.S. Congress. Eight senators and 59 members of the House of Representatives participated in the program, organized by Turkish entrepreneurs active in 35 U.S. states. Words of praise for Turkey from members of Congress marked the colorful closing gala.

Minnesota representative Keith Ellison said, “The presence of a large number of members of Congress in this hall shows the great respect that Congress feels for Turkey.” New York representative Gregory Meeks, said, “There can be no world peace without Turkey.”

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