There Can Be No Solution in Syria without Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?


Al Baghdadi TV:  April 30th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The solution is for the whole Islamic world to come together, the establishment of a great Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkey’s leadership, TURKEY MAKING ITS PRESENCE FELT AS A SUPER POWER IN THE REGION AND TO PROTECT AND WATCH OVER THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC WORLD AS A BROTHER, A BLOOD BROTHER, to ensure that they are strengthened economically and politically, for the entire Turkic world, almost all of which is Muslim, to place them under protection and for it to put an end to terror and anarchy in the region as a super power.

Abu Dhabi:  February 9th,  2009 

Adnan Oktar:   These things are continuing because Muslims are not going along with the solution. The solution is for all Muslims to be united. That is an obligation, Allah’s command. It is an obligation like fasting or praying. If someone does not pray, he is in a state of sin; and if the Islamic world is unwilling to unite and act as one, it is in a state of sin. It has sinned. THE BEST SOLUTION IS A TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE TURKISH NATION, UNDER TURKEY’S LEADERSHIP, SUPPORTED BY THE TURKIC STATES. The reason why I regard the Turkish nation as the leader is that it is very powerful as a champion of Islam. The Turkish nation is metaphysical and has a special job to do. That is how Allah has created it. 




Yeni Akit , 17 March 2012

U.N. Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) General Secretary Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu was asked how he responded to comments that ''Turkey is the key in Syria” and that there are those who want to drag Turkey into Syria. İhsanoğlu said, ''Turkey is of great importance. In my view there can be no solution without Turkey because it is a neighbor, with the largest common frontier. We have important historic relations. There are family groups and people are all mixed up together on the border. Then the migration began. People fleeing the regime fled to Turkey.” İhsanoğlu went on to say, 'When Turkey’s political weight in the region and growing role in the international community are borne in mind, no solution without Turkey is possible.”


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