Davutoğlu: Al-Assad can run for election if he thinks he will be supported

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: May 5th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: We do not say, “Surrender him [al-Assad] to us”? This is out of question. On the very contrary, we say, “Do not surrender him”.  We do not say that he should be surrendered. I never said that necessary judicial procedures be followed to arrest or to surrender him. Putin should not misunderstand me, my words are very clear. This statement is not a response to my words. What do I say? I say, “Putin can take him to Russia and protect him.”  I say, “Assad can take money with him while going to Russia. Would I ever say that a person who will be convicted must take some money with him?”  I already say that he must not be convicted. I say that Assad must be taken to a secure place together with his family and kept there; he should not be convicted. He must also enter the democratic elections. If he wins, he must come to power again or participate in a coalition government if he is able. There is nothing wrong in his coming to Russia.

Assad should come to Turkey. I promise to Allah that  I will host him. We can also protect him, no one can touch him. He can come together with his children, I will take care of him. He can get prepared for the elections here. When things calm down, he can enter the elections. If he wins, I will support him, because it is a democratic election. Then I will congratulate him. It would be safer  to bring him with the Russian navy, that is what we meant. If he wants, he can be taken to Iran.

May 16th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There can be a friendly conversation environment with Putin. Mr. Erdogan, Obama and Putin must sit around a table together. They can hold a secret meeting. “My friends, we will not let this man be taken under custody.” And a person among the opposition leaders, whoever he is, must say, “We promise, we will not let him to be arrested. We will take him under custody. For instance our Prime Minister, Tayyip Master can say, “I will take him to Turkey and host him in Istanbul.” Indeed I can host him. I can host him together with his family. Indeed they can come, I will host him together with his family, I promise. The Security services must promise that his safety will be ensured. That is to say, the Interior Ministry must make a statement and say, “We will protect him” and then bring him here. Elections must be held in a calm atmosphere in Syria: Under the observation of Turkey, America, Russia, elections must be held in a calm environment. If he wins, that is all right, he can be the leader. If the citizens assign him to the opposition, then can assume the duty of leading the opposition. We can provide guarantee to him. Alternatively, if it is a coalition government, then he can be part of the coalition. But currently in Syria, this dictatorship, this is unacceptable



22 May 2013, Enson Haber

Before the meeting in Geneva, Mr. Davutoglu made the following statement about Assad:

 “It is not obligatory for Assad to leave the country; if he believes he can still find support in the elections that will be held in 2014, he can enter the elections but while entering the elections he must not have any authority. He must have no authority, whether he be in his palace or as an ordinary citizen.” 

2013-06-16 12:58:40

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