Trump should address Islamophobia

We expect Trump to revive “the American dream”, which was once the symbol of carrying piety, prosperity, welfare, happiness, liberty, culture, quality, science, technology, the arts and aesthetics to the highest levels. This has been my greatest wish for the US, which I have mentioned at every opportunity for years. In fact, in his post-election speech, President-elect Trump heralded the news of “renewing the American dream”. He stated in the same speech that “he will be president for all Americans”, which is reassuring news for the voters who did not vote for him, especially minorities living in the country. As it is known, during the campaign period, the harshest criticism directed at Trump was based on some of his statements regarding minorities such as Latinos and African-Americans. Through the exaggeration, distortion and provocation of his opponents, such statements, which might have been made due to reasons such as the election atmosphere or lack of information, became a cause of great fear and concern among the said minorities.

New Straits Times daily newspaper published in Malaysia, published Harun Yahya’s article “Trump should address Islamophobia” on December 06th 2016. You may read the article at this link.


2016-12-26 14:21:46

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