Altug Berker’s Lecture During the 2nd Intl Conf on the Origin of Life and the Universe Held by TBAV (21.05.2017-Ritz Carlton)

Esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the international science conference organized by Technical and Scientific Research Foundation, the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, and the National Values ​​Foundation. Now I would like to invite Mr. Altug Berker from the Technical and Scientific Research Foundation to the stage to give his key notes speech.

Science illuminates our world. Nevertheless, the darkness of certain ideologies and dogmas prevent the light of science from reaching mankind. This is due to the materialist ideology that dominates the world of science.

Since Darwin's time, materialism has been misleading the scientific community and has had a profound negative influence on societies by way of Social Darwinism.

After Darwin published his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, our world has suffered countless social crises, many world wars, clashes, massacres and the ever-present violence of terrorist groups.

Darwin's false idea of ‘the survival of the fittest in the fight for life’ affected societies with its Social Darwinism. The ideologies that led to wars were based on this false notion of conflict.

Marxism claimed that conflict was between the classes, fascism said it was between the races, and imperialism claimed that it should be between empires. Naturally all these mistaken ideas led to wars.

They caused the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of cities, and the decline of civilizations. Similarly, the hypothesis of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’, based on Darwinism's negative suggestions, is one of the most well-known bases for today's wars and ongoing terrorism.

To cite some examples to how Darwinism brought destruction;

Hitler expressed his twisted ideas with the following words:

Take away the Nordic Germans and nothing remains but the dance of apes. (Carl Cohen, Communim, Fascism and Democracy, New York: Random House Publishing, 1967, ss.408-409)

Heinrich von Treitschke, who laid the foundations for the philosophy of Nazism , said; " Nations can only develop by violent competition like Darwin's survival of the fittest.’’

Karl Marx, dedicated his Das Kapital to Darwin with the following words: "To Charles Darwin, from his fervent admirer Karl Marx."

Also in a letter he wrote to Engels, he said that Darwin’s book contained the basis in natural history for their view. In other words, he believed that Darwinism provided a so-called scientific basis to Marxism.

Stalin, who caused the deaths of millions of innocent people, after implementing this twisted ideology, said:

Stalin: " …to disabuse the minds of our seminary students, we have to teach them Darwin's teachings." (Kent Hovind, The False Religion of Evolution,….ke4vol/evolve/ndxng.html (This book is only published online.)

Ocalan, the leader of the PKK - YPG, which are at the moment among the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world, also pledged his allegiance to the theory


Another statement from Ocalan, who views Darwinism as the absolute truth, and who has based the ideology of his terrorist organization completely on this unscientific deceit, is as follows:

Ocalan: "THE MOST SOCIALLY DEVELOPED FORM OF ANIMALS IS THE HUMANS. Humans are the most ruthless, the most cruel animal." (Kurdish humanism and new humans, Istanbul, April 2001, p.13)

In other words, the mistaken belief that humans are merely evolved animals lies at the basis of today’s conflicts, never-ending violence, cruelty, persecution and tyranny. It is deeply rooted in the minds of those that fire weapons at children with no hesitation.

The theory of evolution, with its wrong ideas, has provided a fertile ground for aggression, clashes and violence. Social Darwinists believed that conflict existed in nature, and said that similar conflicts should be present in societies so that new and improved generations could rise. 

Regrettably, for the past hundred and fifty years, people have been indoctrinated with this wrong belief. However, even Darwin admitted the wrong nature of his claims:

“... Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? 

Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?… 

But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?… Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? 

Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory."(Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, page 172-280) 

Today, more than seven hundred million fossils have been unearthed and just as Darwin feared, they belong to living beings in perfect forms and they clearly show that life forms have never undergone any changes. Fossils refute evolution.

Biology also rejects evolution. Molecular observations and findings show that building blocks of life such as DNA cannot come into existence by coincidences,

and that they display incredible intelligence involving genetic codes, and very complex functions. The owner of this supreme intelligence is our Almighty Lord Who created everything.

Unless we save science from the clutches of Darwinism, itself a dogma and a false religion, we cannot save humanity. For this reason, I would like to reiterate

the important role you play, esteemed scientists who are doing science objectively and attending this and similar conferences. You play a particularly important role in the establishment of peace and love in the world and in the liberation of mankind.

By communicating the truths that science shows to people, you are going to be among the people helping our world's transition from darkness to light. We therefore, are grateful to you.

Mr. Adnan Oktar, the honorary president of our foundation, leads the global efforts in this field. Under the pen name Harun Yahya, he has written more than three hundred books.

In his works, Mr. Oktar mainly focuses on the scientific invalidity of Darwinism with overwhelming scientific evidence. He also sends his warmest regards and gratitude to you, esteemed scientists, for being in our country and making these important contributions.

Esteemed guests, thank you again for your time.

Let us now watch a video introducing the works of Mr. Adnan Oktar.


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