Carboniferous-Era Plant Fossils

(Between 360 and 286 Million Years Old)

The most important characteristic of the Carboniferous Period is the enormous variety of plant fossils belonging to it. There is no difference between fossils belonging to this period and plant species alive today. This variety, which appears suddenly in the fossil record, represents a major dilemma for evolutionists, because each of these plant species appeared suddenly on Earth, each with its own perfect systems.

Evolutionists sought to avoid this dilemma by giving it a name suggestive of evolution, describing it as the “evolutionary explosion.” But of course, that description only shows that evolutionists have no explanation to offer on this subject.

Plants were performing photosynthesis millions of years ago, just as they do today. Even then, they possessed hydraulic systems powerful enough to crack stone, pumps capable of raising water absorbed from the soil to many meters in height, and chemical factories producing foodstuffs for living things. This shows that plants were created millions of years ago. Their creator, God, Lord of the Worlds, continues to create them today. It is impossible for human beings seeking to understand the miracles of creation in plants, even using the most advanced means provided by present-day technology, to create a single plant from nothing—or even a single leaf.

2009-08-14 15:18:22

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