Chemical Evolution Deception, the

Evolutionists refer to all the claims regarding the synthesis of the amino acids that gave rise to life in the supposedly primitive atmospheric conditions are as chemical evolution.  (See Primordial soup fantasy, the) Before they move on to scenarios about the evolution of living things, evolutionists must first account for the formation of DNA nucleotides and amino acids, the building blocks of life. According to their claims, which are based on no evidence whatsoever, simple compounds containing carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus were dissolved in water and then exposed to a constant bombardment of ultraviolet rays and lightning, thus giving rise to different compounds. These small molecules, supposedly produced by chance, subsequently bonded chemically, thus increasingly enriching their complex combinations. Eventually, it is suggested that the water turned into a thick soup containing new forms of molecules in copious amounts. If one waits long enough, it was said, even the most unlikely reactions will take place.80

Yet none of these hypotheses are supported by any scientific findings. Indeed, evolutionists themselves admitted that their account is actually a hypothesis which can never be proven.To suggest that these claims, which cannot be verified or duplicated even under present-day conditions, , actually came about spontaneously as the work of chance, is therefore incompatible with logic and reason. (See Primordial soup fantasy, the.)

80 Mahlon B. Hoagland, HayatF5n K9Akeni (“The Roots of Life”), Ankara: Tubitak, 1998, p. 40. 2009-08-14 15:21:12

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